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EPS Road Embankment Structure.In order to build on soils with low strength, one of three approaches must be taken:
  • Strengthen the soil by surcharging and wick drains
  • Deep Foundations composed of pilings
  • Reduce the load from the structure itself

Strengthening the soils can be a very time consuming and expensive process, involving traditional methods such as surcharging (time consuming) or soil mixing (expensive). Even after these procedures, problems of differential settlement are not uncommon.

Deep Foundations increase the complexity and cost of the structure, adding as much as $3000 per pile.

TerraLite™ weighs about 1/100 of traditional fills. Through the use of Geofoams, structures can be built on very weak soils without any steps to strengthen the soils, eliminating the time consuming and expensive steps associated with surcharging or soil mixing. This is accomplished by removing a design depth of the heavy, low strength soil and replacing it with light weight Terraflex.

In Europe, Geofoams were first used to construct highways over areas with very weak soil, as illustrated above. To get more information on this significant advance in geotechnical engineering, consult our technical documents page.



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