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Geoinclusion. Technical Documents

The GeoTech GeoInclusionŽ is a multi-purpose panel that has the unique advantages of TerraFlexT SCI plus the drainage capabilities of GeoTech's Insulated Drainage Panel.

It has the same unique properties of compressibility and high elastic strain limit as TerraFlex.

Geoinclusion.It is made into panels measuring 4' x 4' with total thickness varying from 3 inches up to 48 inches, depending on the application requirements. The Insulated Drainage Panel component can be anywhere from 2" thick up to 24" thick, as required by the designer. Likewise, the compressible inclusion portion (TerraFlex) can be as thin as 1" or as thick as 30".

Typical Configurations:

Application TerraFlex™ Thickness Drainage Panel Thickness Total Geoinclusion® Thickness
Building Foundations 2-4 in 2 in 4-6 in
Mobilize Soil on Wall 3-12 in 2-8 in 5-20 in
Integral Bridge Abutment 2-12 in 4 in 6-18 in

(Note that these are "Typical" configurations. A rigorous design would determine the appropriate thickness through the methods described in the product literature).

Geoinclusion® was invented and patented in 1993 and is available from GeoTech Manufacturing Licensees.

Application Data:

Spec Data Sheet: GeoinclusionŽ (85K pdf)

Information on our Patented Geoinclusion: A laminate of a drainage composite with a layer of TerraFlex. 4 Pages with illustrations, tables, graphs, and design guidelines.


GeoinclusionŽ Specification (9K pdf)

This is a general specification for the Geoinclusion.

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